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I476 Traffic (N)
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I95 Traffic (N)
I95 Traffic (Mid)
I95 Traffic (S)

Philly Area Traffic Cameras

PennDOT has their traffic camera feeds available on the web.  A problem with their cameras (as well as cameras from other sites) are that they require individually selecting the camera.  Therefore it requires multiple views to check ride to destination.  I have compiled the camera feeds into groups for an easy click to see a whole set of cameras at once rather than one at a time.  Use links to choose which traffic camera sets to view.  I started with my drives starting in Malvern PA where I work.  I have since added more and will continue to add more as I get the chance.  All of this data is publically available elsewhere on the web and is just compiled here for convenience.

Use links on the left to choose which traffic camera sets to view.  Use the links above to select another area.

NOTE: PennDOT now requires a license for me to include their cameras on this site so the majority of PennDOT cameras are currently not showing up here.  I am in the process of getting the license completed so I can show the traffic cameras again.  Please be patient as this process aparently will take a little while to complete.  Likely weeks.  I apologize but it is out of my control until the license can be completed.  In the meantime, the turnpike cameras are still working on this site if you are travelling the turnpike.

The camera images refresh every seven seconds so I have each of the pages time out after several minutes (unless otherwise noted) and come back to this page to avoid eating up a lot of bandwidth if the browser is left pointing to one of the traffic camera pages.

Camera Images may be down at any time (whole sets or individually).
Also some images may be out of date.
Camera aim and zoom can vary.
Climate conditions can also affect image.

If you desire to view the individual cameras available from
PennDOT, PA Turnpike, DelDOT, NJ, MD SHA, etc:

Philadelphia Area Radar to supplement the traffic info: 

These Traffic Camera pages are still a work in progress so things may change a little as I massage the data.  I will possibly add a few more pages covering additional routes that may be of interest.  Note that most of the camera images are from PennDOT but there are also some others from PA Turnpike, MD SHA etc.

This data is to provide assistance for travelling in the area.  I am not responsible for any of the camera data or changes that PennDot, PA Turnpike, Del DOT, MD SHA or others make to their camera feeds.  Many things outside my control can change impacting data on this web including, camera availability, up-to-date camera data, camera assignments, camera access, camera aim, etc.  All of this data is publically available elsewhere on the web and is just compiled here for convenience.